Increase the Longevity of your Marine Turbo

Due to the nature of their use, boats have to endure harsh environments and difficult conditions on a regular basis. Even while cruising in the calmest of waters, the boat and its internal mechanics, including the turbo, are still exposed to the elements. Over time the water, salt, debris and other substances can have a negative effect, leading to the erosion and corrosion of your turbo. As you can imagine, this is far from ideal!

Erosion and corrosion of your marine turbo will result in a decrease in performance, efficiency and responsiveness, before eventually breaking down entirely. If this happens, your turbo will have to be scrapped and you’ll have no option but to shell out for a new one. We know that boats come with an endless list of expenses and having to add a brand new turbo to that list is definitely something we’re sure every boat owner would like to avoid!

Marine Turbo Reconditioning

At Universal Turbos we have an innovative solution that restores your eroded turbo and increases its longevity at the same time. We can enhance your turbo by installing an internal sleeve, made from anti-corrosive stainless steel. This works to halt any current erosion in its tracks and protects against corrosion taking hold in the future. The sleeve also improves performance and ensures your turbo offers optimal output at all times.

Stainless steel internal sleeves are suitable for a wide range of marine vessels, including those powered by the extremely popular Volvo Penta range of engines. From small pleasure crafts to larger commercial vessels, all types of boat and watercraft can experience turbo issues, and in those situations Universal Turbos are here to help.

Our expert services include marine turbo repair and marine turbo reconditioning, so get in touch today to discuss how we can deliver the perfect solution for your turbo.

Marine Turbo Reconditioning