In order to avoid any possible damage while installing your turbocharger or premature operating problems, either of which could invalidate the warranty, please follow these instructions carefully and completely.

  1. Check very carefully that there is no foreign material in either the air intake or exhaust systems, even the smallest fragments have the potential to cause serious damage at the high operating speeds of the modern turbocharger.
  2. It is important that the turbocharger centre, turbine and compressor housings are correctly orientated before final fitting. If the bolts, lock tabs or V-band are loosened to achieve this check that all mating flanges are correctly reseated and that all service manual torque settings are adhered to when making final rigid connections.
  3. All the relevant air, oil and exhaust gaskets should be replaced when the turbocharger is fitted. It is important to use the correct new gaskets in all cases, and never use sealing compound at any turbocharger oil connection.
  4. The engine oil and filter should also be changed, using oil that is specified for turbocharged engines.
  5. Before connecting the turbocharger oil feed hose it is essential to check for, and remove, any restrictions resulting from oil carbonisation. Then fill the oil inlet port to overflow with clean oil.
  6. Crank the engine (without firing) until there is a steady flow of oil from the drain port before connecting the oil drain hose.
  7. Let the engine run at idle speed for a minimum of 3 minutes after installation. This will prevent possible damage to the bearing system due to oil delay, and have the effect of purging the system of any residual contaminants.
  8. Now complete the form overleaf and retain for future reference.
  9. Please put your old turbocharger in the box and ring Universal Turbos Ltd to arrange for its collection.

If you experience difficulty or require further guidance please contact us

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