Operating as Usual Throughout Lockdown

It goes without saying that the past 12 months or so has certainly been a year like no other. Everybody has experienced some level of upheaval and businesses have had to adapt to uncertain circumstances and constantly changing restrictions in the best way that they can.

In spite of the difficult situation we are all currently experiencing, the work here at Universal Turbos goes on as always! Many areas of the commercial, agricultural and marine sectors are hugely essential in day-to-day life and there has been a huge effort to allow them to continue as normal throughout the Pandemic.

As there are a large number of vehicles within these industries that rely on their turbos functioning well and providing a high level of performance, it’s important that they still have somebody to turn to if anything goes wrong, which is exactly where we come in. At Universal Turbos we’ve been working as hard as ever in order to supply new, exchange turbos and reconditioned turbos to our clients, supporting them in their attempts to keep their businesses operating as normal.

From light vans and other commercial vehicles to HGVs and tractors, we’ve been providing a first-rate service, ensuring our customers have a turbo that they can rely on.

Rest assured that if you need to utilise any of our expert turbo services we’re still available throughout Lockdown. We have a wide range of turbos for all mainline makes and models in stock which can be with you in 24 hours via our turbo exchange scheme.

If you have any turbo issues get in touch with Universal Turbos today to discuss how we can deliver the perfect solution.

Universal Turbos - Open Throughout Lockdown