Turbo Test Equipment

Universal Turbos, based in Hampshire, are specialists in turbo repairs, diagnostics and testing for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and marine vessels. Using the latest technology which includes the electronic actuator test machines, VSR (vibration sorting rig), and flow bench machines to test, diagnose faults and balance core parts of the turbos.

Testing and Turbo Diagnostics

Turbo testing is an essential preventative measure to keep your vehicle moving, the team of experts at Universal Turbos can test your standard turbo, racing turbo or hybrid turbos for pressure, leaks and weld voids before a problem occurs. As part of the reconditioning and repair service Universal Turbos offer testing and fault diagnosis, the team follow rigorous test procedures to ensure the turbo meets the customers’ requirements. The turbo testing, turbocharger diagnosis, repair and reconditioning is all done in house by experienced technicians.

turbo test equipment
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Electronic Actuator Testing for Turbos

If your turbo has an electronic actuator, our experienced technicians will use the latest electronic actuator test machines to diagnose your turbo faults. Many newer turbos incorporate the electronic actuators to boost control, the electronic actuator test equipment is a precise tool that allows the technician to make adjustments in small increments to enhance the performance of your turbocharger.

Turbo Balancing and Calibration

As a critical part of the process, Universal Turbos ensure that turbo components are correctly balanced, this is a critical part of the process completed before final assembly. Precisely balanced components including the turbine and compressor can prevent problems occurring such as oil leakage. At Universal Turbos, our experienced technicians use VSR (vibration sort rig) to balance the core turbo components as this is an industry proven method to achieving the best results required.

Turbo Testing