The Signs of a Failing or Damaged Turbo

Signs of a failing turbo

Blue/grey smoke coming from your exhaust may indicate a turbo issue

Your vehicle’s turbo will typically last a long time without giving you any cause for concern, nestled safely in your engine quietly going about its business. However, your turbo is unfortunately not indestructible and while it may not be a regular occurrence, it is possible for it to become damaged or begin to fail. A turbo that is having issues will usually make itself known in some way. Here are the main warning signs that you should keep an eye out for:

Engine Dashboard Light – The engine warning light on your dashboard will come on if your turbo is having problems. It can also be triggered by a number of different faults, so this doesn’t always point to your turbo being the cause, but it definitely means you should get your car checked out.

Blue/Grey Smoke from Exhaust – Caused by oil leaking into your exhaust system, blue/grey coloured smoke may indicate that the housing or seals of your turbo have been damaged.

Loss of Power – Have you noticed that your vehicle has been accelerating much more slowly as of late? Maybe it is struggling to reach speeds that had been easily achieved previously? A loss of engine power is a common sign that your turbo has an issue.

Whining Sound – A failing or damaged turbo will often cause a whining sound from your engine, usually described as similar to a siren. It may not be too noticeable at first, but as the problem worsens it will become louder and harder to ignore.

Specialist Turbo Repair Services

If your vehicle is experiencing one or more of these, it is definitely time to get it checked by a turbo specialist. There are a number of things that may cause a damaged turbo. Whether it is a lack of oil, cracked seals or simply wear and tear over many years of use, at Universal Turbos we can return your turbo to full functionality. From turbo repairs to complete turbo refurbishment, our range of expert services can deliver the perfect solution to any turbo issues your vehicle may be having.

The Signs of a Failing or Damaged Turbo